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4 Tools to Clean Up your Inbox

By Garrett Spence   |    June 19, 2017   |    9:16 AM


4 Apps and Plugins to Manage Your Email

Is your inundated inbox driving you insane? Your inbox is the one place it is vital to keep organised so that you can optimise your productivity. If you can't find correspondence from colleagues, miss client complaints or forget to follow up on an email your business could suffer. If your inbox is a giant jumble, odds are you will feel bewildered and your business day will be unproductive. Here are 4 apps and plugins that will restore order to your inbox and make it easy to manage your emails.


A key way of uncluttering your inbox from unnecessary emails is to unsubscribe from the newsletters and get rid of the other subscriptions that those have in turn generated. Often we subscribe to innumerable newsletters that we don't even remember signing up for! It could take years to manually unsubscribe to them all. can solve this problem in an instant. It is a free tool that enables you to mass unsubscribe from every single newsletter littering your inbox. You can choose from two options: either erase them all and unsubscribe from everything at once, or pick which ones you want to opt out from.

2. Sanebox

Sanebox is the ideal service for anyone whose inbox has devolved into chaos. After installing the plug-in, enjoy a break while Sanebox does all the work for you. Sanebox uses a magic algorithm, to sort through your emails, It classifies them for you, archiving those deemed unimportant. It adds the label @SaneLater to them, so that you can double check that the plug-in correctly identified their status. Once you have verified them, you can delete them all or just keep them out of sight. Anything categorized as important stays in your inbox.

3. Gmail Snooze

Gmail Snooze is a great app for those who need to keep track of important emails in their inbox. When you hit the snooze button on your alarm, it gives you a few more minutes of peace before the alarm reminds you again, that you have to get up and spring into action. Gmail Snooze works in exactly the same way.  An email might appear in your inbox that you need to reply to or take action on, but you may be busy doing something else, or just about to leave for a coffee break. When you open an email that you don't want to deal with straightaway, you can hit the snooze button. This means you can take action on it later, instead of ignoring it, forgetting it or even losing it in your inbox. The drop-down menu has a great design feature which gives you the option to 'snooze' the message for a few minutes, hours, or days. Once the chosen time period is up, you will receive a reminder to follow up on that email.

 4. FollowUpThen

FollowUpThen is another super useful tool that reminds you to take action on specific emails according to your schedule. This is how it works: all you need to do for any task that you want to follow up on, is compose or forward an email, and type [any time] in the "Bcc," "Cc," or "To" fields. The "any time" wording refers to the time you want to follow up on the email. You can adjust it to suit your needs. It could be: "," or "," or "," or even "," etc.

Intelligent Office has the business tools you need to achieve more. Whether you need a professional virtual assistant, fully-equipped workspace or a virtual office address, we have innovative business solutions for your unique requirements.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

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