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4 Reasons Joining a Coworking Space Was My Best Business Investment: Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

By Jake Nordquist   |    July 10, 2017   |    9:02 AM


The Benefits of Coworking for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Small business owners and entrepreneurs from a surprising variety of industries have learned about the value of joining coworking spaces. But, it’s hard to justify spending money on a coworking space when your home office and the coffee shop down the street seem to do the trick just fine.

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who’s thought about joining a coworking space, keep reading! We’re going to share 4 reasons why joining a coworking space is one of the best investments business owners like you have ever made for their businesses.

1. “When I joined a coworking space, my network grew organically… and almost effortlessly.”

Being a small business owner or entrepreneur can be a lonely road to travel. When you aren’t already working from a company’s offices it can be hard to connect with fellow professionals who share similar goals and visions.

But, working from a coworking space grants you the opportunity to brainstorm, talk to, and connect with other people who are working on their own big projects.

2. “My entire team has benefitted from joining a coworking space.”

Coworking spaces aren’t just for solopreneurs and small business owners going it alone. You can bring your entire team into the coworking experience, and they’ll get just as much out of it as you do.

And because many coworking spaces and other virtual office solutions operate with an “on demand” philosophy, that means it’s also easy to bring team members who usually work remotely and/or from a different location into the office.

3. “I looked at traditional office leases, but they were expensive and restrictive. Signing up for a coworking membership gave me all the perks of an office space without the hassle and cost.”

Coworking spaces cost a fraction of what a traditional office lease runs. You also have far more flexibility. If you need to cancel your membership, you can. If you’d like to add more services, like virtual assistant help, that option is also available to you. Whenever you hire a new person to help grow your business, it’s easy to bring them into the “office”.

Essentially, coworking arrangements work with you and your small business.

4. “Whenever I need to outsource something, I know where to find the perfect person or team.”

You can network and grow your professional circle while working from a coworking space, but you can also tap into the usefulness of your fellow coworkers in another way — by hiring them for project-based help.

Say you need a graphic designer, copywriter, or accountant. There’s a strong chance there are a few people working in those industries in the surrounding workspaces. This makes growing your business much, much easier.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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