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What Types of Attorneys Use Virtual Office Space?

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By Barbara Beauregard   |    November 18, 2019   |    7:04 PM

How Virtual Office Spaces Benefit Lawyers and Law Firms

Virtual office spaces, like executive office suites and rentable meeting rooms, are an ideal solution for many different types of attorneys. These affordable spaces offer flexible lease terms, all of the equipment a lawyer needs to work (like printers, fax machines and scanners), access to support services and more. 

From solo lawyers to larger firms, here’s a look into how attorneys and law firms use virtual office spaces. As you read, try to think about how your own law practice could function in a remote and dispersed environment — it might be easier than you realize.

Types of lawyers who use virtual office spaces

Nearly any type of attorney or law firm can benefit from virtual office spaces. For example, a family law attorney might spend a lot of time in court and in meetings outside of the office. But, having access to an office in a central location can still be helpful. A virtual law office makes it possible to rent space as needed, without the expense and commitment of a traditional office lease. 

Here are some more examples of firms using virtual office space:

What challenges do law firms face when using virtual office space?

Working from a virtual office isn’t always easy, and it’s important to understand the disadvantages before switching to a dispersed model. 

Some of the common complaints from attorneys who work remotely include:

  • Feelings of isolation, especially if lawyers work from a home office.
  • Difficulties staying motivated and focused.
  • Missed opportunities for collaboration.
  • Not having access to specific office equipment when it’s needed most, like a fax machine or conference calling tools.

Fortunately, a virtual office environment can solve these problems, and others. Virtual offices are less isolating. Many, like Intelligent Office (IO), aim to be distraction-free zones. They also have all of the tools and technology people need to provide excellent legal services. 

Attorneys also will share office common spaces with fellow professionals, which makes it easier to network organically during the workday.

Is a virtual office right for my law firm?

Of course, not every law firm will be a good fit for the virtual law office model. However, the number of attorneys working for virtual law firms is on the rise, and it’s a model that can make sense for a growing number of organizations. 

In fact, virtual law offices are gaining popularity across the country. Lawyers love the flexibility and cost savings (which are often passed on to clients.)

The American Bar Association recently published an articled that proclaimed, “Virtual Is the New Law Firm Reality.” In it, the writer asked five law firm leaders to share their experiences managing and starting virtual law firms. Each dispersed team relies on technology, virtual reception services, a strong culture and innovative mindsets to deliver results for clients. 

If you think a virtual office could be a good fit for your legal practice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an IO location near you. Our team will help you determine which solution fits your needs best. 

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