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How to Write Copy that Converts

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By Garrett Spence   |    April 17, 2017   |    10:37 AM


When it Comes to Digital Advertising, Copywriting is Key

Writing effective, persuasive copy that turns prospects into purchasers is no easy task. If you want to write in a compelling way that leads to more conversions, follow these copywriting tips and best practices.

Write like you’re speaking to a real human (because you are)

With so much content available for consumption both online and offline, you need to think about how to make your messages stand out.

The easiest way to do this is deceptively simple: Write like you’re speaking to a real, live person.

Think about some of the advertising messages you’ve read over the years. Were you more likely to continue reading a landing page or email newsletter that sounded conversational? Do your eyes gloss over when a blog post reads like it was written by a robot?

You can apply the same idea to breaking grammar rules. If strict adherence to grammatical standards will make your copy sound dry or stiff, stick with a more conversational tone. Grammar rules are broken regularly these days, and conveying the proper tone and messaging is more important than comma placement.

Tailor your message to the medium

A blog post is going to be different from a landing page. Your website copy will be different from the copy in an email newsletter. You can, and should, recycle language throughout these different mediums (which will save you time and help cement your brand’s identity).

However, it’s also helpful to learn a bit about the types of copywriting that work best for the different types of content you might be writing.

Let’s have a look at Unbounce’s 8-step process for writing landing page copy that converts. Many of the tips are universally helpful: visualizing your ideal customer and instilling trust are two great guiding principles for writing effectively in the business world. And while you’ll likely want to address objections throughout your various copy, overcoming objections (step 5) plays a unique role on landing pages. You should have a more in-depth focus on potential objections when writing these pieces.  

Writing for online audiences

Speaking of medium, here’s something else you need to remember when writing online pieces like blog posts and landing pages: white space is welcome.

That means using short paragraphs and punchy sentences. Online attention spans are short, and your readers are likely to click away if they’re greeted with a massive wall of text. If you have a dense paragraph, try breaking it up with spaces and headlines.

Focus on benefits… not features

Business owners love to list off the features of their products and services, but that’s hardly the best way to persuade a prospect to do business with you. To be as persuasive as possible, focus on the benefits of whatever you’re selling.

Of course, customers still want to know what your product or service can do, but they’re more interested in how you’ll help them solve their problems. Grab their attention with benefits that solve their most common pain points, and then explain how the features make that happen.

Practice writing to become a better writer

This last tip is an important one to remember: If you want to become a better copywriter, you have to practice the skill of writing. Even if you don’t feel like a natural writer, regular practice will help you feel more comfortable with the idea. Journaling is a great, no-pressure way to get started!

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